Data-driven Web Applications

Read on and have a play with samples from our award-winning data dashboard applications.


Data Dashboards

Make slow calls from browser to database a thing of the past

We create full-stack web applications that are designed to empower non-technical users, enabling them to upload, analyse and visualise complex data without any required knowledge of code or programming.

Want to try it out?

1. Slice and dice the data by time period by clicking and dragging on the line chart.
2. Click on a bar of the row chart to select and filter.

Our data dashboards use interactive coordinated charts, allowing you to slice and dice and drill down into the data.
These dashboards are able to process user requests using large datasets in milliseconds, straight from your browser.

Map Dashboard

We create dashboards using a variety of chart types including map and network-map dashboards.
Below you can see a snapshot of one of our map dashboards, designed to allow users to highlight geographic trends and patterns:


The Technology

We love open source technology and actively create and contribute towards open source projects. We work with a range of open source technologies including D3.js, Crossfilter.js, Leaflet.js to combine powerful data visualisation technology with beautiful design.